Visit Mikkeli

A combined nature and culture trail of Gottlund in Juva near Mikkeli

Huttulantie 1, 51900 Juva


The village of Juva is located 40 km from Mikkeli and is a vibrant and historical destination offering a multitude of activities and experiences for locals and visitors alike.

The 8 km long Gottlund’s Trail is named after Carl Axel Gottlund (1796-1875) who collected folklore and oral poetry around Juva. The combined nature and culture trail will give you access to the cultural, historical and nature sights of the village all in one go.

Throughout the trail you will find 27 different signposted sights where you can learn more about the area and its history. Traces from the latest ice age can be observed at the Silokallio rocks and at the drumlin which is a moraine ridge containing several different types of soil. There are several beaches along the trail where you can dip in the lake and cool off. The trail starts and ends at Partala Manor and you can visit Gottlund’s cottage and the old graveyard along the way.