Juvan kunta

Koikkala summer market and village café

Koikkalantie 1450, 51880 Juva

+358 440 530 032


La 11:00-13:00

A summery meeting spot for everyone in the middle of a beautiful country landscape.

Come and visit Koikkala to check out the famous summer market! The market is open every Saturday during summer, and it offers a wide selection of local products, seasonal produce, and has a café with delicious Finnish crepes and refreshments. Koikkala summer market attracts vacationers, holiday homeowners and locals alike to meet people and enjoy summer.

Koikkala village café
Koikkala village hall has a café. The opening hours are posted on Koikkala village’s Facebook page. The café offers a selection of self-made sweet and savory baked goods, refreshments, and ice-cream. Koikkala village hall’s address is Koikkalantie 1486 B 3.