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Kololahti Giant’s kettles

Pälpänsalmentie 301, 51880 Juva



Enovesi-Luonteri region has many fascinating destinations – one of them is The Kololahti Giant’s kettles.

Giant’s kettles are millennia-old cylindrical, or churn-like holes and hollows drilled into solid rock. The giant’s kettles have formed when subglacial meltwater stream has continuously rotated gravel against the bedrock. These whirl stones have then eroded the bedrock over decades and centuries, leaving behind the pothole-like pits in the rock.

Kololahti has three separate Giant’s kettles. Their width varies from tens of centimeters to two meters, and they are less than a meter deep. The Giant’s kettles are surrounded by a handsome and rugged rocky terrain and a nice lake view to Enovesi, Saimaa.