Juvan kunta

Pihlaja-aho alpaca holidays

Rantaperholantie 1, 51760 Juva

+358 40 542 1525


Creaking wooden floors, wood-burning fireplaces and solid log walls. At Pihlaja-aho farmhouse, which is over 100 years old, you might think you've walked into the middle of a scene from Suomi-Film movie. If you're looking for an old-fashioned country atmosphere, you've come to the right place.

At Pihlaja-aho farm you can spend a unique alpaca holiday, the only one in Finland. The natural meadows of the farm are grazed by three kind alpaca cubs, which you are responsible for taking care of independently and according to your own schedule.

The farm has been kept in its original state, without electricity or running water, so you are guaranteed an authentic farm life. However, gas is used for refrigeration and cooking and the phone is conveniently charged by a solar charger.

The 60-square-metre or so farmhouse sleeps seven people. There are two bedrooms, one for one person and a larger chamber for four. The old log room also has two beds. The kitchen is equipped for seven people and has the necessary frying pans, pots and a coffee maker.

There is no running water at the Pihlaja-aho farmhouse, so it is advisable to bring drinking water with you. However, well water is suitable for washing. There is a lovely outdoor sauna in the courtyard for relaxation. There is also a neat two-seater outhouse in the immediate vicinity of the courtyard.

The location of the farm is in its own peace and quiet, surrounded by a large protected evergreen forest. There are no neighbours in sight, so you can spend a holiday here without a care in the world. The clear-water and fishy Lake Saarijärvi is just a stone's throw away. A rowing boat is free for holidaymakers to use. The nearest towns of Mikkeli and Juva are both about 30 km away.